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UGG Boots ?

Can someone please tell me where I can find fluff momma UGG boots but not the real brand but like a knock off or something because I just love those all fur boots but I dont want to pay hundreds of dollars for them. I just want a pair that looks almost similar with all fur around the boot. I have looked everywhere,, including EBAY and cant find any nowhere. If you know where i could get some please let me know,, Thank you

UGG Boots ?

they have lots of shoes

and their service is great!! free fast shipping and returns.
Reply:Try Aldo and flip the top
Reply:DONT BUY UGG BOOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Reply:Well there are a lot in Westfield they have a couple of shoe stores and there currently selling uggs and I see a lot of them I see it like at ever shoe store :3 and if you find any you might want to get a size a little bit bigger so that later on if your feet are to big for the uggs then you would have to waste your money on more uggs

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Ladies and their boots......?

What is this fascination men have with women in boots ?? do men have a kinky boots complex or something - the sight of a woman in a nice pair of boots and men go all squify what do we think ??? Ladies how many of you own boots and know what reaction you get from men when you wear them ??

Ladies and their boots......?
I have 11 pair of boots. all of them are fetish boots.

men crawl to them. (they enjoy it).

Reply:i own 19 pair of boots.

i dun think it matter whether men are interested in women wearing boots or not.

i just think great legs need great shoes.
Reply:I have a really great pair of boots and my bf goes carzy when I wear them - he really does have a fetish where womens shoes/boots are concerned.
Reply:Yehmate, boots always get a better reaction :p

I still can't figure out why!!!

What do you think when you see a women in a pair of boots?

Reply:Boots n tight denims or boots with a short skirt is very sexy on women.........I dont think its a fasination, its just a sexy modern look.
Reply:not in this house actually come to think of it none of my past boyfriends did either . Are you sure its not just you ?
Reply:I once bought a pair of knee high boots specifically for use in the bedroom only!
Reply:ha ha ha ur question came just in time... i wear boots (w/ jeans) alright but to me its just one of the shoes that any woman wear however, with this guy am currently dating..he kinda said "nice boots" the first time he saw me wearing one and it struck a cord(bcuz its the least i expect him to notice). i think this guy is one of those you said "kinky boots complex". Since then am wearing them more often. he he he infact am wearing one now.
Reply:Knee highs? Yeh i own a pair,its the sex appeal that the men like lol are just damn kinky lmao
Reply:I think guys like my stilettos better than my boots. The stilettos help show all of the leg, and make it look really sexy.
Reply:Its just you
Reply:I have some very nice - and fashionable- black knee high boots and numerous men have commented that they are like Miss Whiplash boots they love them! I just don't get it I wear them cos they go with absolutely anything not to attract men!!!

hee hee
Reply:My ex wanted me to wear them in bed :~S I really cant see the obsesseive over them. I never did wear them because why should I make the effort in bed while he dont, even on his performance.
Reply:I have many pairs of boots. I don't understand at all. I was standing in a bar with my BOYFRIEND and some idiot came up to me and went "Ha! Er, you know what they are don't you? **** Me Boots." I said no, they are **** Off boots now leave me alone if you want to keep your teeth.
Reply:I've got two pairs of boots but the only comments I get are from women. But then I am ugly, so maybe that's it.
Reply:I have a pair of knee-high's that have zips up the side. Thery're so comfy and teamed with a nice dress, preferably to the top of your knee's seems to get one or two guys attention.. Reckon men who like boots are 'leg men', while those who may not be 'leg men' enjoy the feeling that a glimpse of flesh gives them... which I guess goes to show, you don't need to be half-naked to get 'some' guys eye's! :-)
Reply:yeah i have a few pairs my favs are nicknamed my f*ck me boots lol

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SHORTIE boots please (NOT uggs!?)?

okay well im kinda short so i need shortie boots so anyways i like the boots

but they aren't the right color. can someone find me some boots like that but a little darker? ill pick best answer! links would be awesome! please and thank you in advance! also ones that are not uggs they are too expensive for me.

SHORTIE boots please (NOT uggs!?)?
these cute steeve madden booties aren't quite as expensive as uggs and they come in a variety of colours and fabrics. i don't have this particular pair, but i have lots of steve madden shoes and they are very good quality too.

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Timberland Boots and Kicker Boots?

Does anyone know some shops in LONDON, UK or some safe online shopping sites in UK, apart from JD Sports that sell Timberlands and/or Kicker boots?

I can only ever find the pairs that I want in the overpriced Littlewoods or Additions etc. I want another pair of the pink nellie Timberlands as I have wrecked my last pair!

and/or the darker pink pair. I also want a pair of kickers (kick hi) boots. Both needed in SIZE 7 %26amp; hard to find!

Please help.

Timberland Boots and Kicker Boots?
Timberland have an online store.
Reply:TK Maxx.

They definitely sell both brands. And i know in my local TK that they have had quite a lot of the pink Timberlands in recently. Think they are £44.99.
Reply:Go to type in timberland and it will give you all the shops where you can get them. Then go back and type in kickers.
Reply:I know that you can find the Kickers in Schuh. Try the Timberland shop in Bluewater for the Timbs i think they offer a student discount too.

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When buying snowboard boots...?

What kinds of thing do you want your boot to have...i have never bought my own boots, just rented them but now i want to buy my own. Do you want them more stiff or soft and is the boa lacing system thing better than the normall lacing??

And which companies make the best quality of boots?

I just started snowboarding last year so im not going of any huge jumps or even in the terrain park yet but i want to...i am 14 years old and a girl...what type of boot should i buy??

When buying snowboard boots...?
First of all, your boots need to be the right size- make sure they fit nice n' snugly. The stiffness or sofness is a personal prefrence. The stiffer the boots, the more response you get, but you don't wan't too much, so you ned to rent different stiffness boots to find out what you prefer beefore you buy. Boa lacing is deffinately supposed to be better than traditional, but can run a lot more expensive, so you need to decide whether the extra dough is worth it or not. Some of the best boot brands are Burton, Celcius, Thirty Two, DC, and my personal prefrence, Vans. Finally, you ALWAYS want to buy your boots before bindings. If you already have bindings, that's okay, just avoid it in the future. The reason you want to but the boots firts is so you can find boots that fit your feet, then binding that fit your boots. If you buy bindings first, you then need to find boots that fit your bindings and feet well at the same time.

Have a sick time snowboarding
Reply:You should buy the boots that fit your feet the best dont try and be influenced by brands too much and by what other people say, as what someone else recommends to you as a good boot may not fit your feet well at all. The best thing for you top do is go into your local snowboard shop and try on all of the entry level boots and go with the ones that feel the most comfortable regardless of brand or style. As even if they arnt the best looking boots once your bindings are on you wont really see them anyway. Its vitally important that your boots fit you well if they dont you will find riding in them a nightmare.

As far as laces or the boa system i usually go for laces but thats just me, either of these will be ok. If the most comfortable boots have a boa system go with them. Hope this helps, Good luck.
Reply:right on!! a girl rider!!! i started riding at like 13...just wanted to say that............ thirtytwo boots are ggreat!! i have them.......very comfy......and pretty $130 only
Reply:Go soft, they'll be more forgiving and you'll be less likely to get thrown by choppy snow. Plus, where you're smaller, you'll be able to flex them no problem. The boa system has come along way. If you can find a soft flexing pair ...go for it.
Reply:I started riding when I was 14, now I am 22, right on lady!! keep rockin!!! 32 makes some pretty bomb prof boots, super responsive, but also kinda more expert boots. I rocked the BOA system for a couple years, yeah they are convient, but they break easy, simplicity, and sturdy is key. DC is a GREAT boot if you are just starting. I wore the DC Judge boots for years, they are a boa system, and they have air pumps to help increase and decrease the stiffness of the boot, so, like I said, alot of things can break on them, but they are a good way to try a few different things. since they are so adjustable. but they are pretty expencive. Burton gear is good, but in the past couple years(I have had all burton gear for over 6 years) burton seems to be focusing more on style rather then function. So your boots will look cool. but not really work as well as you need. Good Luck, and keep on shreading!!
Reply:i just bought new boots for this upcoming season. i had always used burton boots but this year i went with DC. after trying them on i thought they were the softest most comforatable boots around...just like there shoes. you can find last years models like i did real cheap i got mine for $100. and there boots geared towards the parks and jumps..good luck anyway hope this was some help
Reply:Heyyy .. Im a skier but Ive heard "burton" are a good make =] Im 14 as well Lol %26lt;33 Sorry I couldnt help that much, but ill try find out for ya =] Have fun snowboarding %26lt;33

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Bearpaw boots?

okay i want some boots, but uggs are expensive. so i was looking at the bearpaw brand....

-are they cute boots (women's eva either brown or black

they are in the second row)

-are they worth the buy (does anyone have bearpaw boots? if so are they good and warm?)


Bearpaw boots?
ya bearpaw boots r soooo awsome i would get them if i were u
Reply:I have bearpaws. They're super comfy.

I actually tried on UGGs too and i thought that the bearpaws were softer.
Reply:yeah, i have a pair. They have sheep fur lining in them so they are really warm. I wear mine all the time. I have the black ankle boots. The only thing you have to make sure to do is spray them with water and snow protector stuff. My dad did it for me so i don't really know what it's called. But, do it just to make sure they stay dry; and so far mine have! my favourite!!

this is where i bought them:

but i got mine at the actual store for $70, so i guess i got a deal.
Reply:i bought a pair of bearpaws about a month ago, and they are amaaazing! in the crazy canadian winter they have been super warm and comfy. they're really easy to clean, too. i would definitely recommend buying a pair. :)
Reply:I have a pair of Bearpaw boots because I didn't have $250 to spend on UGGS, and I love them! They are made really well and are very warm and comfortable to wear. I live in PA, and they keep my feet warm and dry when I have to walk through the snow to class.
Reply:They are and they sell them in shoe pavilion!

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Rugby boots...?

I play rugby, and i play with my soccer boots. I play in the frontrow at tight head (first time ever playing rugby), and I was told I might need to get rugby boots. What's the diff. b/n soccer and rugby boots and which would be better to get for my position?

Rugby boots...?
Main difference b/w soccer and rugby boots are studs, ankle support and foot protection. For a frontrow player, rugby boots are recommended. Studs are generally longer, for more traction in all weather conditions - important in scrums, esp... Ankle support is better (many rugby boots are 3/4 and high-top cut)... Strength of boot is key since your boots will likely get stepped on during scrums, lineouts, rucks and mauls, etc... I recommend a 3/4 or high-top boot. You won't have as much flexibility as a soccer boot, but your feet and fellow forwards in the scrum will thank you. Good luck...
Reply:From my experience, rugby boot sizes are fairly close to sneaker sizes. Personally, I don't mind if they were a little wider/longer because I wear two pairs of socks (rugby and athletic) and an extra insole (like Dr. Scholls - helps keep studs from digging into my feet). Report It

Reply:Yeh JC has given you a pretty good answer. I will just add something though:

If you are in the frontrow you will need a pair of boots with 8 sprigs/studs. I think this is the most important thing. 8 sprigs provides you with far more grip which is essential in the scrum and rucks and mauls of course.

They need to be good sprigs too. Make sure they are full metal sprigs and are long (especially if the fields are wet/muddy).

Soccer boots would be fine for the backs or loose forwards but you definately need a pair of rugby boots for the frontrow.
Reply:JC knows what he's talking about. Buy from best rugby company in the US hands down.
Reply:good answer JC. yes, get some rugger boots suitable for the scrum
Reply:and with the metal studs (vs molded) you can actually change the studs to suit the field condition. they're tougher on your tootsies and my coaches have said to train in molded cleats (or even running shoes) once your studded boots are broken to reduce the strain they put on your calves and feet. I also recommended upgrading the insoles to provide more cushion.

i would suggest a mid rise boot- it gives more stability, althoguh your mobility may decrease- but chances are, if you're a prop you dont do the jukes the backs need a low boot for! i'd also suggest a reinfroced toe. - it'll help protect your toes in the scrum and rucks.
Reply:well if you play prop your proberly fat :)